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We are Spiritual Beings

Just like the wind is invisible across a field, there are unseen forces which touch usĀ in the soul and connect us to each other. If we don't tend as equally to our souls and spirits as we do our bodies, then health will never been in reach. Humans need meaning greater than themselves -- including greater than mere causes or collectives. Seeking higher meaning is something all men seek, even if they don't always recognize the need in their lives. I look to Jesus Christ and find purpose, salvation and healing through a daily relationship with Him. I believe you can, too, but that is a decision you will have to make for yourself.

You Own Yourself


From the Inside Out

Though many wish our politicians were trustworthy, world was at peace, climate was stable and humans generally less human-like, the truth is the world has been a crazy place long before we were ever here. We live during a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity the likes of which have never been seen before in the history of mankind, and yet people still find reasons to be unhappy. Ultimately, this discontentment has little to do with circumstances and much more to do with self value, expectations and contentment. By focusing on changing ourselves and shrinking our scope of the world, we find the power and satisfaction that comes with changing our own little worlds, one little act at a time.

Plan for Tomorrow, Live Today, Love Always

You live now. Tomorrow is guaranteed for no one. Be bold, step out in pursuit of your interests, passions and loves. Impact the world inside you and the world within reach -- it's the only world any of us ever truly know. We can affect every person we meet by showing unwarranted love, just as has been shown to us by Jesus Christ through his death on the cross. We can be a light in a world full of broken people -- not by being perfect, but by loving in spite of our imperfection. Step out toward the things in life which call you, make the most of yourself, be content with your every day and remember that relationships are what make this life have meaning. We'll never find perfection by the world's standards and this Earth will never be safe, but we can boldly step out, become what we were made to be and live life at every taste, in every reach and for every man and woman we meet.


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