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Why I chose Shopify for my blog over Wordpress

Why I chose Shopify for my blog over Wordpress

by Christian Michael

April 08, 2019

A half dozen amazing blog sites and softwares exist to make your blog amazing, get it out in front of audiences and otherwise ease your way into sharing your journey. As a non-coder, I look for ease of use, functionality, security, look and overall productivity of my online tools.

Having used Wordpress for many years, Weebly off and on, and a few ventures in Shopify, I decided to consolidate all my efforts under one hat. After various considerations, I decided on Shopify. The first reason is Shopify's overall polish out-the-gate. Unlike paid Wordpress themes which require the startup skill of a blind IKEA designer, Shopify comes out of the box ready for your content and your products. 

Shopify boasts some of the best security average users will find online due to its original design as a selling software. It was created to sell products online, first and foremost. While Wordpress is highly malleable to the right super user, it requires a great deal of additional services to create real functionality, polish and, most importantly, security. If you only blog as a personal journal, that's no big deal, but if you want to actually build a real brand, managing your website can take more time and effort on Wordpress than any other software I've ever used.

Shopify's blogging software is definitely not as powerful as Wordpress, but I don't mind the diminished functionality.

Shopify's polish stands out. Its app store is amazing, offering incredible autoresponding and subscriber management, emailed discounts, integration with major online services like MailChimp and a million other tiny tools. I can trust that the apps work with Shopify more so (not perfectly) than Wordpress.

Atop of that, my experience with Shopify's technical support is world class. When I have issues, they can help me with everything.

When I do want to sell things, due to Shopify's primary purpose as a sales software, I enjoy security and polish with my sales softwares, as well as integration with print-on-demand and other integrations with services like Printful and more.

Lastly comes the financial consideration. Shopify's base web service is about $30/month. There is a $10/mo if you only want to use Shopify as a selling service without the added website functionality, which for the purposes of writing a blog is moot. While Wordpress seems free or only $5/mo to get started, none of that factors other costs like security, SSL, annual theme updating, design add-ons and sales plugins. Shopify offers most of that at the $30/mo price. Since I take my blogging seriously, my $30/mo, plus $5/mo for gallery functionality and I think another $10/mo for some other add-ons I pay for, I think the roughly $50/mo is worth my time.

Ultimately, you have to do your own research about what you want to blog on, how you want to present that information, and what functionality you're interested in using long-term to make the best decision on your blog platform. For me, I would rather feel MORE comfortable and safe paying for a well polished service like Shopify than take all of Wordpress's freeform power and waste my time constantly trying to tweak it.

Whatever path you take, don't let information overload keep you from starting. If you've never blogged and Wordpress is free, start with Wordpress. Get your feet wet and dive in. When you get to the point where sharing your journey becomes a real passion, then re-attack if you want to take blogging to the next level, offer products and services and otherwise meet your audience where they need you.

Whatever you do, DIVE IN!


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