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Spots, Sights and Sounds

There She Goes, There She Goes Again, Off to Pennsic

There She Goes, There She Goes Again, Off to Pennsic

by Christian Michael

July 17, 2013

This is a camp with THOUSANDS of people, who meet every year for 18 days of mock battles, camaraderie and revelry. Look it up. PENNSIC[/caption]

So I drove my good friend Bridget to DIA today on her way to Pennsic, an 18-day camping affair with several thousand other people in a massive field in Pennsylvania in which she will spend most of it drinking and watching people walk around in medieval and other period garb.

And I'm housesitting her place in Denver for the next two weeks.

I don't have to feed the cat -- she has an autofeeder. She doesn't need much love and she doesn't get into laps. (My kind of cat). I'll have to scoop out her shit a few times, but that's an easy cost for a free place. And while the government would have paid for me to stay in lodging while on orders, I'd have had to pay the weekends and who wants to spend $100 a weekend just to stay where you are?

I might be meeting up a friend of mine tomorrow for lunch as she picks up some family from the airport. She and I were deployed together. This weekend comes in a mutual friend of mine and Bridget's, and another friend of mine has asked to help volunteer at a Kenny Chesney concert Saturday from 1000-2200. Um, I don't much like country music, but if I don't end up doing anything with the friend coming in this weekend, I might go out and help.

And now I wanna watch "So I Married an Axe Murder." Great film by Mike Myers (Austin Powers).

I hope to make a motorcycle trip down to Colorado Springs and ride it up to Pike's Peak while I'm out here, and before the fall hits, because around here, that could mean snow. But then, an ill-timed sneeze could bring on the tempest out here.

I have an opportunity to work at an agency out here on base for about five months starting in October, but I don't expect to know for sure for a few weeks. I hope it works out. I'll actually be working at the desk directly next to Bridget, who is co-located with that public affairs office. Now that would be interesting. I think glitter fairies would suddenly spawn in the millions and pour out from that office like a volcano who drank too much too quickly before someone told a joke.

Tom Kimball, Kimball Productions,

Another friend of mine (I know, lots of friends, crazy) runs a full-time video production company in Denver and I hope to work with and through him to get connected with some local voice coaches and some voice work. It's high time I got professional and serious about that -- I could make a decent living doing it, I'm sure, so I need to start building a real credible base to work from.

To be honest, I'm in a constant struggle. Part of me would love just to write my novels, do voice work, perform some graphic design, eventually get into some radio and maybe get paid for writing my nightly column. The other part of me says I need to get series about getting a business up and running so that I can start providing for myself and my future family. Both are potentially responsible pathways, but I'm struggling between them. Namely?

I don't feel I can run a business.

I mean, I'm smart enough to perform each individual element, to connect with customers and provide a quality product. And if I could just do all that and then give the government the simple quarterly portions due (ideally via FairTax), I'd feel a lot more confident. But I've never been one good at memorizing details and rules. I can be detailed, but only in the moment and about one project, not necessarily knowing what form to fill out and when and to whom it's sent and all the laws and regulations and mandates ...

Seriously, it's like I'm working for the freakin' government!

(Ironically, I am, but this is about the small business I want to run)

I won't make this a diatribe about government and business. Ready next week's "The Man We Need" episode and you'll get an earful.

For tonight, I'm sitting at Starbucks as I ponder how I'm going to get internet at the apartment via my phone. And how I'm going to clean up her place. I've got a mean clean streak in me, and while I won't come anywhere near disinfecting places, I like organizing. I also thought about offering organization services to people and help them clean up cluttered homes.

I dunno. Ideas! I always have them. Anyway, that's it for tonight. Sleep well, and in the words of my friend Bob, Dream Big!


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