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Spots, Sights and Sounds

Stop Listening to Circumstances, Look for the Good

by Christian Michael

October 21, 2013

I love that I think about the world differently than other people do. Why would I want to think or act like others? Though certainly not to the disregard of courtesy or respect, behaving as others is rather unappealing.

In your life, do you constantly feel pressured to conform? To act as others expect you to act? Be believe as others expect you to believe?

I'm not talking about the nature of responsibility -- such as being a parent. There are obligations to the decision you made to bring life into this world. But how you engage with people, and even how you go about fulfilling your responsibilities -- so long as you do.

Don't think like other people. Doing so only breeds ... well, more of the same crap. Start thinking for yourself. Start questioning for yourself. If you do as I suggest and begin thinking for yourself, it should be the last thing you listen to me on, unless the ideas I pose have actual value and merit. They shouldn't be because you like me. They should be because you like THEM.

Start living for the fun of it. That doesn't come because you breathe different or eat different or work differently. It comes because of an attitude, a decision of behavior, an intentional positive perception on the nature of your life. It says: "I'm not gonna let immediate circumstances determine the overall value of my life." Life can be wonderful even in the midst of terrible tragedy, loss and deprivation. Oftentimes life's greatest adventures occur when we least want them to, when all around us collapses, when our securities are pulled out from beneath us and we are left with nothing but that base instinct to press onward through the scree and scraw ahead of us, experiencing life in the raw and coming out the other side deeper, stronger and capable of much greater wisdom.

The question is: will you be a reluctant adventurer, dragged through until your fingernails are ripped off and you spend most of your time screaming and hollering, or might you shut your face, open your eyes and begin to see the makings of something incredible.

Perspective is the single most powerful force in whether you love your life and embrace peace. No amount of money or ease or better circumstances will make you happier than learning how to find the good in all situations and how to be content with what we have, most especially in loss, and equally when we're making positive advancements toward attaining more.

Getting everything you want can be as dissatisfying as not getting anything you want. What humans most often ignore is that when life is not in motion, we grow must unhappy. It's why lots of rich people are emotional wrecks. There's no growth, no development, no forward motion. They spend their time squabbling and one-upping their other rich friends and nothing of depth or value comes of it.

Real happiness comes from learning to find satisfaction in life, in this moment, right now. It doesn't negate or immoralize doing better for yourself and your family. But even in ambition, learning to love what and whom you have in the moment can make a world of difference in how you look back at your life and determine if it was a good life or not.

It doesn't mean you have different circumstances than other people. You could still have financial troubles, some relational troubles, loss by death and bankruptcy, even senseless violence. It doesn't prevent us from feeling pain, either.

But it can have an incredible effect on how you perceive and respond to life's universally difficult situations. But it takes a choice and commitment to a life lived in satisfaction. It means being willing to let go of your fear and pessimism. It means living for more than today and being unafraid of tomorrow's unforeseen problems.

Would you do it? Would you embrace optimism and contentment? Trust me. Worry is beyond useless. It accomplishes nothing, and you waste precious moments in your life pining and worrying when you could be spending it with others you love or passions you enjoy.

Say no to worry. Say no to pessimism. Say no to dissatisfaction. Say yes to a positive attitude and being willing to look at the positives of your next negative circumstances. Negative circumstances will come and go until the day you do, but how you decide to approach them will mean the difference between happiness and anger.


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