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I lost my saddlebag

I lost my saddlebag

by Christian Michael

June 12, 2013

I returned from my deployment this past Friday and I will go into more detail later. However, this past week has been among the more interesting of my motorcycle life, and since what happened yesterday contributes to last night’s lack of a post, I’ll detail it here tonight at six before your regularly scheduled post at 7 pm.

Prior to returning, I called Mountain Motorsports of Marietta to schedule my bike (Eleanor) for summerizing (winterizing is to prepare a bike for longterm storage). The day after I returned, I called the bike store to come pick up the bike from the front gate. They came out, picked it up, and began the summarization process.

I also had ordered a new helmet and purchased several items that should allow me to charge my phone while writing, and a bluetooth for my helmet. On Sunday, the bike began to feel sluggish and while I was riding someone pulled up beside me and pointed out that my rear tire was low, so I pulled over, filled it back up with my portable tire pressure tool and then rode on to church.

After church I went straight back to base and stayed there. On Monday I took it in they pulled off the tire and found out that they had nicked the inner tube and it was deflating slowly so they replaced a tube for free. Well, I went back to base and between the time going in to visit an office and coming out, someone backed into the bike, broke my right foot peg and bent a few other things.

Some items have been scheduled for pickup and installation later this week and the young airman who backed into the bike will be paying the cost of the assessment and the new items. However, I needed to go to Warner Robins to finish inprocessing medical. I rode down the day before yesterday and saw a movie with a friend. Yesterday, I left my medical inprocessing and rode an hour north to Hampto. When I got off my motorcycle, I was shocked to find my left saddlebag gone. When I left the Medical Group, the saddle back with there, because I had put my laptop and my medical orders and my deployment orders into the bag. I left Hampton immediately and rode all the way back to the same base I had left an hour before.

I then rode all the way back up highway 247 and interstate 75 back to Hampton looking for the saddle bag. It had unzipped itself at some point between leaving the Medical Group and arriving in Hampton. I found nothing. The bag contained my laptop, deployment, and medical paperwork and was simply gone.

Fearing the worst and hoping for the best, I returned to Marietta prepared to purchase a new laptop and contact my old base from my deployment to request new paperwork that I could use for my travel voucher. As I sat on my bed vegetating because I was exhausted after 4 hours of riding, which I haven’t done much of any whining at all for 6 or more months, I saw a number on my phone that tried calling me from Warner Robins that I did not know.

I tried the number, but it was always busy. They finally called me back again in an hour later and it turned out to be three Robins law enforcement desk, to report that they had my saddle bag. It had been turned into them. It was found on base before I ever left. I am unbelievably grateful that someone found it and turned it in.

I called a friend of mine who is planning to come up to visit me in Atlanta later this week and asked her if she would pick up the saddle bag for me. So, later this week all of the stuff will come back to me, and I can only hope the laptop is in good repair after having fallen off my bike while writing.

And so, I’m going to go order hard leather bags for my motorcycle. I will probably never own soft saddlebags ever again. I am incredibly grateful to God for good having been found. It has been a day.

Hopefully, no more motorcycle woes!


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