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Spots, Sights and Sounds

I Don’t Like Delayed Lights on my Automobiles

by Christian Michael

August 04, 2013

There’s something to be said for turning off your vehicle lights and watching them turn off the moment you turn it off.

Did I recently leave my lights on and my battery die in my vehicle? No. Have I done that before? Yes.

I stopped at Safeway the other night while it was cloudy and rainy and I was caught up missing my Wrangler, which when you turn your lights off, they turn off. The simplicity of a machine can often be one of its most valuable characteristics. We all too often miss that simplicity for hope of convenience.

But convenience sometimes come with a lack of peace.

The headlights are a simple, but effective example. Will I lose light when I get out of my vehicle in the night? Sure. But will I ever worry about my lights turning off after I’ve gone inside? Nope. I’ll have complete confidence that once my lights are off, they are off. And if I leave them on, they will be because I was ignorant, not because I had a false sense of security.

That makes lines of responsibility clear and easy to accept. Simplicity is the key.

Life isn’t always simple. There are so many gray areas we face every day. Things are not always clear and decisions are not always easily made.

But our approach to life, however, can be simple. At least, much more simple than life, itself, is.

It takes decisions to remove from our lives things which give us false beliefs and securities. Remove them, go manual. Learn to do the simple tasks of existing and then learn to appreciate them, because like so many other activities in life: It’s the little things that make all the difference.

What are the little things in your life and what kind of difference are they making? Are you letting them dominate your life, or are you cutting out the kinds of details that negatively affect your life? Did you even know that you can shape them?

It takes being willing to take a more manual route to life. It doesn’t mean giving up all your modcons, but you have to be willing to be honest about every moment, every step. When you do become honest, ask yourself which bears more value in your life — the false pretense or the simple value?

In our youth, we often rush after that pretense, because it gives us that false, inflated sense of value. It bypasses the realtime of life progression and gives us a grander feeling, but the older we get the less affect that has on us. Those quick’n’easies grow cheap and as we learn who we are, we realize they can’t really bring the fulfillment we want.

Some of us learn that simple is better. We stop playing all the games and working overtime and chasing after things and start realizing that family is what’s important. Our relationships mean more than our incomes. Our friendships more than our hobbies. And it’s not that a good, satisfying job or engaging hobbies or even expensive toys don’t have their place in our lives. But we learn that while they have a place, they cannot comprise our lives. They merely amend.

In your friendships, do you maintain those which are not healthy? Which promote unhealthy behavior in yourself?

At your work, do you perform the drudgery because you fear venturing out into something new?

Within your family, are you letting past troubles prevent you from current communications and potential healing?

For you, are you waiting on life to fix these things for you? Time does not heal, but God uses it to commit that healing, step-by-step. Are you seeking change, or are you letting each day pass by, the pretenses of self deception and avoidance of honesty in all areas of our lives keeping you from peace?

I am not a perfectly holy man. No one I know is. But I do attempt to keep all aspects of my life — good and bad, honest about what they are and who they make me.

I know I don’t see everything honestly, as it is my nose in the fold of this particular book. But I do try to be as honest as possible.

Are you? Ask yourself the honest questions, and don’t be afraid to face what those truths might mean. If you accept and embrace the simplicity, your life can and will change for the better.


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