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Spots, Sights and Sounds

A mixed day to be thankful

by Christian Michael

November 21, 2013

Today has been a very interesting day, and while it's not quite over, I'll go ahead and say that I'm very grateful to God for his provision, mercy and love endure forever.

I woke up this morning to find a happy text from my bank notifying me I've finally been paid for the first time since returning to work after the shutdown. I then got up and headed to work through snow and slush. After working a bit, I headed for my dental appointment.

You see, yesterday my annual dental exam discovered my first two cavities, strangely in exactly the same spot on the top rear left and rear right teeth. They gave me my first two filling and added a double doze of numbing agent to ensure I felt no pain. Great, right?

I left heading for the office, looking forward to our building Thanksgiving dinner. I stood in line, grabbed my food from my bossman -- who was in a serving line with other boss peeps -- and sat down to eat. While eating, I came to the rather gruesome conclusion that I was biting down on more than just my food.

After a careful inspection (hold your stomachs), I discovered I'd been chewing up the inside of both cheeks.

I couldn't feel them whatsoever.

So, having barely started the camarederish (I just made up that word, you see?) smorgasbord, I got up and took my food back to my office and proceeded to work, unable to eat.

Then came 1:30, and my supervisor and I headed to pick up my brand new 2014 Jeep Wrangler! Whut whut! Using a super secret in I have with folks, I got $4,000 off base price and it was delivered to my local dealer with only 11 miles on her odometer.

And no, I haven't named her yet, but she will be mine. My own. My precious. *cough*

So, got the super awesome jeep and headed back to work, where, after my cheeks returned to normalcy, I gratefully had no enduring pain from what I had done to them. I wolfed down my plate and got a second helping from leftovers upstairs before heading out to go home.

My new Jeep is an automatic 6cyl with 1 year free Sirius Satellite radio, radio package, soft top with hard doors, and a pretty nice bluetooth setup to use voice commands, call people or listen to my Google Play account.

And, best of all, it's a jeep.

This is my third wrangler and fifth Jeep-brand vehicle. I've decided that I'm generally a bad judge of machinery. The last two vehicles I purchased were both POS models and I'm only going to get a fraction in sale what I paid for them. Jeeps, however, I can run those things into the ground. (Though, to be fair, my last Wrangler died on me halfway across Wyoming, but she was a 4cyl Wrangler with oversized tires attempting to haul me in high altitude in winter, and she had driven across country three times in a year ... tough ol' bird, if you ask me.)

I haven't named her yet, but I will soon.

For a transient like me. transportation is more than just a way to get from A to B -- it's part of the lifestyle. I LOVE Jeeps. I don't even go offroading or rockclimbing, I just love how they handle, move, park, turn, drive over things, and fit me in general. Versatile and, not to forget, convertible.

Kawasaki EX500, red seat

My first motorcycle was a Kawasaki EX500, the last model of its kind before they began calling them "Ninjas." I fell in love with the feel of the open road, so when I went to buy my next four-wheel vehicle, the Jeep became an option that I fell in love with on my first test drive. While circumstances haven't always been kind enough to let me keep a Jeep, I think I'm gonna try and stick with it from here on out, barring extenuating circumstances.

All this said, these are great THINGS. They're stuff. And true, they do bring great pleasure to my heart. But I must also remind myself that it's still STUFF, circumstances, things.

God is the source of my provision and the delight of my heart. I'm grateful he has built me for a purpose and that he lets me enjoy the pursuit of that perfection.

I don't need Thanksgiving to give thanks for all God has provided. I need merely to remember that with or without these things, God is my all, and he provides all I could ever need.

Thank you, Lord, for your presence in my life, your pursuit of my heart, your grace over my sins, and the power of your love.


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