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Eye Surgery Gives Unexpected Sight

Eye Surgery Gives Unexpected Sight

by Christian Michael

June 29, 2014

It was an interesting decision -- to have my eyes lasered with the small, but real possibility, that I could suffer no change or suffer worse for the rest of my life. There was a small risk, and I've heard the stories of those who didn't fare well. A friend of mine's attempt at the surgery didn't work and he now has permanent dry eye.

But I wanted to try, and so I paid my money, took the pill, lay down on the strange bed and let them work on me.

Now, a little more than a week later, I'm finding really great success, thus far, with my results.

But I found something unexpected in the midst of a seemingly physical procedure -- I found insight on the heart of change by faith.

We the blind know so little about what is out there. We do everything we can to improve that sight, the sight of things internal, things of the heart, things of wisdom and morality. We try all sorts of different things, and at the apex of all our efforts stands the church/government in all its holy attempt to lead humanity to some kind of utopian world.

And, at best, it becomes a pair of powerful spectacles that allow us to see well, but only so long as we wear them.

Religion/statism are men's attempts to control the future and improve the world. It's their way of viewing reality. Religion by pretending to change everyone through cultural rules on behavior, and statism by pretending to change everyone through cultural rules on behavior.

That's all either accomplishes -- spectacles, easily removed and broken. We must remember put pull them on every morning so we can see as the glasses are designed to see, and then we take them off every night. And, at the first sign of trouble in the night, we may not always be able to pull them on. When trouble comes, religion and statism can't always save us they way they promise, and are often upset by tiny changes in the world around us -- easily fogged, scratched and shattered on the ground.

And the real God of heaven has little use for either belief system. Religion is prayer in the streets while hypocrisy in bed. Statism is crying out for the little guy while owning him for power. Both are cheap, superficial attempts to change how we see the world, without ever truly changing who we are on the inside.

This is where God truly stands.

God doesn't want to issue you new glasses each time you break the old one, because he knows that no matter how many times he gives you glasses, or how strong he makes them with the flimsy materials of this world (control, moral manipulation, threats), you will break them and go off wandering blind again.

Instead, God wants to perform a complete surgery on your eye, itself. That means, he wants to get intimately close with you and change how you see from the inside out, not merely set another system of control upon you. By changing your eye, the change is inside, and it's as permanent as anything can be in this temporary world.

You realize you don't need the glasses of someone else's all-powerful state or religion to see the world for what it truly is, or for you to make a real difference.

Your eyes become open and the limitations of those spectacles disappear. The shape, the color, the refraction ... all gone. It's just you and the world, now, in all its naked ingloriousness.

The God of the Bible loves you and wants to see real change in your heart. He doesn't want to wrap you in trappings and rules and laws, which are designed to point you to God -- he wants to change the very fabric of your soul and your center so that from out that change you can see the thin reality this world really is and begin to embrace Him for who He is, and He is great!

Everything about you can be changed at the deepest level, so that you actually become the change, not merely wear it. So that, in the middle of the night, when trouble comes, you don't fumble for what can only help you so much. So that you're never fogged by the heavy spit of others' prattling. So that your worldview cannot be plucked from you and broken underfoot, because that change will be a part of who you are!

Wherever you are in your faith, begin to pray that God would not merely bring change to your life, which is like asking for new glasses, but would begin to change you from the inside out, so that the circumstances and drama and problems begin to melt away. Not because God changes them, but because he changes YOU. You are the root and anchor for all the things you deal with in life.

Until you are ready to let God perform the surgery directly into you, you will always have to keep asking for a new pair of spectacles.


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