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Tomorrow isn't real, so stop fearing it

Tomorrow isn't real, so stop fearing it

by Christian Michael

May 14, 2019

You struggle daily with universal fears all people face -- How will we pay the bills? Feed the kids? Get by on one income? Deal with that illness?

Sometimes, fear overwhelms, occupies your thoughts, keeps you up at night and prevents you from focusing on any one thing. There's too much to do, too little time to do it in and not enough resources and people to see it done! How will you get by!?

Truth is, you will get by. You fear tomorrow, but it's just as well you fear the boogeyman or vampires. They simply aren't real. Tomorrow doesn't exist. It's not inevitable, nor are the potentially bad things you think might happen to you once you get there. It literally ISN'T REAL.

The fears surrounding you are based on nothing. For every potential negative captivating you, there are many potential positives! And while I'm not telling you to "just think positive," I am denouncing you believing that the worst-case-scenario is the more likely of your situations.

Today is all you are offered. God does not give you tomorrow because you can't handle it. He doesn't give you a chance to fix yesterday, either. Your only responsibility -- and opportunity -- is to decide what you will do with today. How will you face it?

First, fight fears by renouncing and replacing them with potential opportunities; even opportunities only to grow due to suffering or facing a difficult situation. When faced with physical or emotional pain, it's an opportunity to seek God for his guidance. As believers, we have within us God's Holy Spirit, ready to guide, strengthen and lead us through today. 

Not tomorrow, mind you. You don't live in tomorrow. You NEVER will. It's simply impossible. You can ONLY live in today. It's all that exists. You have this moment to choose gratitude for what you do have in life, instead of wailing about what you don't. It's in this moment you can choose to help others, love the unloved, endure your struggle and live your life. Now is your opportunity to take the same risk you so admire in others when you see them do the same.

"One day" isn't any more real than your fears of how tomorrow could come crashing down around you. We take life only one day at a time; one moment at a time. Will you make the best of it? Will you let go of what may or may not happen tomorrow and focus on what you're doing today to make the most of the time you have? To learn new skills, find new jobs, strengthen weak body parts, to rest when you are exhausted, to love when somewhere is there for you to love, to go and do the things you've always wanted to do because today you are strong enough to do them!

It's time to let your fear be like tomorrow -- all in your imagination. Get livin'!


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