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Faith Doesn't Operate at Right Angles

Faith Doesn't Operate at Right Angles

by Christian Michael

December 19, 2013

God has performed, continues to perform and will perform in the near and far future miracles in our lives. Even we are authorized within the words of the New Testament to perform miracles without screaming to God for his power every time. Jesus empowered the apostles to heal people, and Paul speaks of even half and non-believers healing in the name of Jesus.

All of us are capable. But God does not operate on miracles alone. He is a weaver, and he is willing to change the direction of our thread constantly, and he does not weave merely in grid patterns, which are easy to follow and are rather black and white. Many of us think that by faith we must turn completely or not turn completely from the troubles in our lives. If we don't make that complete change on the grid, that full right angle, then we must not really have faith.

Crossgrid weaving is easy to see and follow. (I don't know if that's what people in the textile industry call it, but you get the idea.) But God isn't always easy to see or follow. He weaves as he wills, and sometimes that's crossgrid, sometimes that's hexagonal, diamond or, dare I saw it, absolutely any way he wants.

Since he's the one who actually wove the fibers of our existence together, I'd say he's capable of some pretty out-of-the-biological-box thinking when it comes to weaving. That goes, too, for the skein of your life. You have a purpose and through his presence in your life, you can have quite an adventure -- whether you want it or not -- and to your benefit.

But because these paths are not always succinct and easy to predict, it's important we don't attempt to box God's weaving of our individuals paths on an a single, simple pattern. He doesn't follow our expectations, especially when he has a specific goal in mind that we may never have considered.

God changes our lives in small steps and changes. Gentle shifts in our navigational headings. Small changes in weaves, and sometimes violent changes in direction, but always with purpose to a greater image in the tapestry.

This grinds the gears of some who think God operates only in easy-to-predict ways. "God only does A or B, and if he doesn't do either, then he's mean and cruel or heartless." Or, worse, "Well, if this bad thing happened to you, it must be all your fault, even if there's no easy proof to point to."

Granted, we're all sinners. We all fall short. Duh. However. God has his own plan for you in spite of your behavior, good or bad, and if we spend more time trusting in his plan and less time trusting in our own feet, we might find those changes a little easier to see and a little less difficult to endure. Knowing the road ahead is going to be a knot of twists and curves help us prepare much better than expecting a stoplight and a turn lane every time we approach a turn.

As we approach our faith, we have to divorce ourselves from the beliefs that because the laws of God are immutable, so is his methodology. If you've ever paid attention to reality (and so many people don't), you'll know that rules can be very valuable in creating a standard of alignment, but not all human activity falls perfectly under rules we create. It's one reason why perfectly innocent people can still end up in jail with the legal system operating without flaw, despite his innocence.

Expect the unexpected. Expect God to do what he wants, not what you want. Now, we can still want him to do what we want him to do, but wanting someone to behave as you'd like is as valuable as wishes and shits.

God has a plan for each of us, but he knows exactly how flaws and incapable of consistence we are. He's going to operate in a fashion that both challenges us and works with our design. It's like carving marble -- you go with the flaws and you cut against the solid sections. It's a balance of form -- one God knows very well and uses for our benefit and his glory.

Let go of your structures. Let go of your expectations. Let go, and let God.


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